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beth lilja

The Danish Society for Patient Safety will get a new CEO in 2016

Beth Lilja is stepping down as CEO. She has laid a solid foundation for the Society’s continued work for better healthcare.

CEO of the Danish Society for Patient Safety Beth Lilja is resigning to become Chief Medical Officer and Deputy CEO at Zealand University Hospital as of February 1. 2016.

Deputy CEO at the Danish Society for Patient Safety, Britt Wendelboe, who has been at the Society since its beginning, has now been appointed Acting CEO.

“The Danish Society for Patient Safety continuously work to improve the healthcare system. This work continues. Beth Lilja has been, for many years, a charismatic frontline figure, and she will continue to be one of the Society’s most important ambassadors. We will miss her, but she has laid a solid foundation so the Society is able to continue its necessary and innovative work in the coming years,” says Chairman of the Danish Society for Patient Safety, Ulla Astman, who is also Chairman of The North Denmark Region and Chairman of the Danish Regions’ committee for healthcare.

“On behalf of the board I want to wish Beth good luck, and I will thank her for her efforts at her farewell reception. I am also pleased that Deputy CEO Britt Wendelboe has agreed to take charge as Acting CEO, until we have a new future leadership in place. Britt Wendelboe knows the Society and collaborators extensively, and I completely trust that she, along with the competent employees, will ensure the continual development of the Society,” says Ulla Astman.

The Board consists of a number of the most important stakeholders in the Danish healthcare system. They unanimously agree that there is a need for the innovative and persistent efforts of the Society.

When the Danish Society for Patient Safety was founded, the first step was the establishment of a national reporting system, in order for the healthcare system to learn from its mistakes. Later on, the Society has been a part of implementing a number of larger projects at Danish hospitals where new methods have evolved. These methods have proved to be able to accelerate improvement in the daily workflow. This work has inspired the new government quality program for Danish healthcare.

A vital role for the Society

The improvement work is spreading to new areas, amongst others the primary care sector and psychiatry. Through the last decade, we have seen a growing focus on the importance of active involvement of patients and families in patient safety work. This broader perspective on patient safety is reflected in the program for the Patient Safety Conference 2016 – the program has just been released.

”With the initiative of Danish Regions’ The people’s healthcare system and with the governments new quality program, an agenda is set in which the Danish Society for Patient Safety will play a vital role, and will be able to contribute to the development of a better and safer healthcare system,” says Britt Wendelboe.

Beth Lilja was a part of founding and has been the head of the Danish Society for Patient Safety since the beginning. She will continue her work for patient safety in her new position at Zealand University Hospital:

“When I’m leaving the best job in the world it’s because I simply couldn’t turn down the chance to try and carry out the visions at a hospital. I’m sure that the combined knowhow and expertise on the board and at the office will continue to create innovative and exciting results.”

18. december 2015