Sådan kan forbedringsmodellen kombineres med designtænkning

In a recent article by Byron Crowe and colleagues in BMJ Q&S the authors explore the similarities and possibilities of combining Quality Improvement methods (Model for Improvement) with design thinking (DT), specifically the ‘Double Diamond’ method.

The paper starts by highlighting the chronological parallel between the initial application of improvement methods in healthcare, and the subsequent formation of the IHI in the late 1980’s, and the emerging field of human-centre design championed in the landmark book ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ by  Don Norman.

The authors state that a “A tremendous opportunity exists to further enhance contemporary healthcare improvement efforts by integrating the human-centred methods of DT that have revolutionised other industries. However, a knowledge gap remains on how to practically implement core methods from DT into QI practice”.

The article explains fundamental DT methods and how they can integrate into existing improvement efforts, providing a starting point for organisations and leaders to leverage this human-centred approach and harness the powerful emotional perspectives of ‘users’, the patients, families, caregivers and clinical team who interact with the healthcare system. An example of how these two methods can be integrated is presented in the graphic below:

In simple terms, the authors state that DT principles and methods are purpose built for understanding people, while QI principles and methods are purpose built for understanding the process… When applied together, they can be complementary and synergistic, creating balance between clinical and process goals and human emotions, forces that are commonly in tension in healthcare.

When using QI methods, the human side of change has always been the area with the least focus, perhaps methods like this can help to fill some of those gaps. A thoughtful paper with simple explanations and useful examples.

Crowe BGaulton JSMinor N, et al To improve quality, leverage design



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